Face to Face

Sometimes I wonder how things can get so bad at times. And like many others, when things get bad I tend to look outside of myself for someone or something to blame. As much as I would like to find a culprit for my problems, I am constantly reminded that to remain powerful in this world I must own my problems and mistakes.

The more I examine any adversity I am experiencing, the more I realize that I had signs warning me of impending danger. However, instead of acting on the information, I procrastinate and fail to deal with it. Then what was a little thorn in my side becomes a full blown monster, a much bigger problem.

My goal is to pay more attention to the signs so that I can prevent myself from have to be face to face with a monster.

My work is my life, My life is my art, My art is the message,

Ramon Reese

Read more of my journals here:https://ramonreese.blogspot.com/2019/02/face-2-face.html

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