Important Reminder

Today I received an unpleasant reminder. I was reminded that I was too invested into something that wasn’t aligned with my goals. I have been working a part time job and picked up extra hours to help supplement my income and help the new facilities and the shortcoming of its new leaders. It was initially a win win for both parties. However, I started to take on more and more responsibility and concern (something I didn’t want to do) without any extra compensation. I believed and had been told by others that I had helped out tremendously and I was appreciated.

Today I was told that I was no longer needed for the extra shifts due to the end of holiday season. My pride was hurt, I had given and done so much. Why wouldn’t they make space for me to continue my contributions?

After a few hours of reflection I was reminded by myself that I was only there for part time. I needed the job to balance out my obligations as I worked on building my company.

I never meant to become a leader in their company

I never meant to take on more responsibility within their company

So why should this bother me?

I should be grateful for the opportunity.

All of the time and energy I spent outside of my part time job, trying to make them better, should have been focused on myself and my goals. I have to remember that while this journey may have many little adventures, I mustn’t get sidetracked from my ultimate destination.

My work is my life, My life is my art, My art is the message,

Ramon Reese


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