The last 12 months have been very difficult to say the least. I have been tested and pushed to my limits to see if I really believe in the values I claim are important to the quality of my life. Unfortunately, I have failed to consistently maintain my values. ┬áBut isn’t that the point!

I created my values to help me obtain a more fulfilling and satisfying life. No human is being is perfect, so why should I expect to be perfect. Instead, I must practice my values over and over again and I will get better, so will the quality of my life. All of the adversity I am facing is exposing my shortcomings, and as long as I don’t give up, I will someday be able to look back and see the progress. Life is a process, I must practice my values to enjoy the experience of being a human being.

My work is my life, My life is my art, my art is the message,

Ramon Reese


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