Remembering the Little Things

I remember when I was a child and I was first taught how to brush my teeth. Initially, it was fun, then I was told that I had to do it preferably 3 times a day and at least 2 times a day. In other words, I was to brush my teeth after each meal or at least in the morning after breakfast and at night after dinner.

I hated having to brush my teeth, I really hated that my mom and grandmother were always on me about it. After a while, brushing my teeth became a habit, and I never thought about it anymore, I just did it. In fact, I still have the habit today.

As I have gotten older, I know realize the value of the habit. Like most people, I hate going to the dentist, and I have come to realize that when people brush their teeth regularly they have a more pleasant experience at the dentist. They also have a healthier mouth, healthier teeth, and gums. I have witnessed people who have had issues with their mouth and teeth, I definitely don’t want to experience any of their pain or costly and traumatic dentist experiences.

Brushing my teeth regularly has taught me a very important lesson in life. It has taught me how important the little things are. Every day living can be a real nuisance; raising children, maintaining relationships, working, being healthy, managing my finances, and on and on. What I have come to realize is that, underneath my biggest problems in life, is the continuous oversight of something small.

Note to self: Remember the Little Things

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