White Flag

This month I am working on my attitude, which I believe is my level of consciousness or awareness. I rate Attitude as my most important value out of 12 values, because in order to balance my life I must be conscious. In order to work on my attitude I have to surrender to what is so that I can alter what could be. In other words, I have to own or declare what is currently going on in my life in order to fix it (similar to what people have to do with addiction).

So today, I Surrender!!!!

I evaluate my life based on how I am adhering to my values, through the accomplishments of goals.

The following is a snapshot of my state of the union through my values:

  1. Attitude – inconsistent with my meditation, walking in nature, planning, and praying
  2. Health – 21 pounds over weight, high blood pressure, work out less than 1 per week, eating to many processed foods, not enough fruit and vegetables
  3. Relationships – haven’t seen any friends or extended family in about 6 months, or nurtured any business relationships in 6 months, immediate family best in a few years but still have tons of room for improvement
  4. Artistic expression – until this month have not spent much time writing,  have not made music in 6 months, haven’t created much until this month to express myself
  5. Career – haven’t spent as much time as I need to on business, need to find stable supplemental job to fit in schedule with minimal time, physical energy, and mental energy demands.
  6. Education – not enough money to finish school, reading about 1 book a week
  7. Finance – household debt $59000 need stable supplemental income to help fund education, household expenses, and business.
  8. Pleasure – only one date with spouse in last year, haven’t planned many activities for the last year, need to incorporate more pleasure into daily life, work too much
  9. Travel – moved unexpectedly to new great area, haven’t scheduled any new trips to different areas or tried new cultural experiences in about 2 years
  10. Philanthropy – First year, I haven’t participated in a philanthropic event in 7 years
  11. Rewards & Consequences – lacking the discipline to make goals happen timely, need more mentors for accountability
  12. Rest – sleeping schedule is irregular due to television, diet, and work. Mind has been to stressed  to relax.

I’m surrendering because I have hit bottom, meaning I am broken open,  I am waving the white flag so that I can let the light in, in order for the healing to begin.

My work is my life, My life is my art, My art is the message,

Ramon Reese

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