Artistic Expression

We are emotional beings and we need an emotional outlet if we are going to maintain a balanced life. Many of us have been looking for a way to be seen or heard since we were children. If we are unable to express ourselves, our energy starts to cause disease within our entity. We need a healthy outlet for our energy to express our feelings and interpretations of our world. This is called artistic expression. It is using our energy from within to produce a physical version of our emotions. We do this through our unique artistic abilities or hobbies such as: painting, writing, singing, and dancing etc. This can be especially helpful to deal with our negative emotions.

I personally like creating music, creating speeches, and writing out my thoughts as forms of artistic expression. I ranked this as my fourth value because it is through my artistic expression that I discovered my gifts to share with the world. I could not have done this without first working on my attitude, then preparing my vehicle (health) to perform optimally, and connecting with others (relationships), whom helped me to see my reflection (artistic expression).