I believe attitude is our spiritual energy, level of consciousness, or level of awareness.  It affects the way we understand, operate, and experience the world. Our ability to understand and harness our emotions (energy in motion) is an important factor into maintaining balance as well as fulfillment in our lives. By monitoring our attitude we can learn the best use of positive energies (forces creating energy within us) and negative energies (forces depleting energy within us) in order for us to maximize our time in this world. We can practice managing our attitude through spiritual practices such as: religion, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, spending time in nature, brainstorming, and so many more.

I personally rank this as my most important value because I believe it affects my perception of everything I encounter and experience in this world. I also realize, if I want a balanced life, I must first balance my emotions (energy in motion). Currently, I practice mindfulness, meditation, brainstorming and my personal favorite, walking in nature.