To survive on this long journey we have to be resourceful. The more resourceful we are the more valuable we become. This attracts others to us so that we can trade our resources with them in order to prolong and or enhance our journey. Using our value to serve others helps us to create more value for ourselves. Remember human beings are the gateway to anything you want in this life. Not only are humans the 3rd most under utilized resource and 3rd most important resource (after time and energy), each human being in also an unexperienced intelligence and a unique combination of skills and interest. When we discover and harness our unique gifts and use them to serve others it is called a career.

My special gift is the message, I create speeches, videos, music, and coach as a career to help others find their way in life. Career is my 5th value because I needed to learn how to listen to my soul (attitude) in order to properly condition my vehicle (health) to find a mirror (relationships), so that I could see my reflection (artistic expression) in order to light the way for others (career).