Growth and development is essential to live a balanced life. We must learn about ourselves, others, and our environment. Education will help us maximize our time and energy to maximize our fulfillment in life. It will help us develop into more resourceful human beings, creating better interactions with other human beings as well as our environments to achieve our wants, needs, and desires.

I constantly read, listen to podcast, watch youtube, and join organizations to help me grow along my journey. I believe that we have more opportunity than ever before and if we own smart phones, the world is at our fingertips. Education is my 6th rank value because I am consistently learning, now that I have opened up my mind (attitude), conditioned my body (health), eased my judgment on what I seen in the mirror (relationships), accepted my reflection (artistic expression), discovered my gifts to share with the world (career), and now I am ready to meet the worlds best teacher, Experience.