Money is an extremely critical factor into leading a balanced life. Currency provides many societies a simple way to calculate value. However, it is only a tool and most of us don’t understand how to use it to help ourselves. We must first examine our beliefs about money before we can truly harness its energy to our benefit.  Money may not be able to buy happiness or fulfillment, but we must accept the fact that it is a key component to the quality and balance of our lives. By experiencing the lack of money or witnessing the actions of those who struggle to acquire its energy, we can verify money’s importance.

I have changed my relationship with money. It has taken me experiencing debt to realize that I had to change my beliefs (attitude) about money, to help my vehicle (health) maintain proper condition, so that I could clean my mirrors (relationships), in order to clearly see my reflection (artistic expression), to have the confidence to use my gifts (career),  to experience more of my environment (education), to accumulate as much money (finance) as I can because I have finally discovered that like all human beings, I have infinite value.