Rewards and Consequences

Rewards and Consequences are the driving forces behind our behavior. We can use extrinsic motivators (rewards and consequences) to help ignite our intrinsic motivators to do what is our best interest and hold ourselves accountable. In fact, many of us are still influenced or controlled by religious, institutional, parental, and cultural beliefs that were instilled in us when we children. Many of us have no idea how many people and organizations use our triggers and habits to control us. We gain real power when we discover our triggers and shortcomings and learn how to use them to our advantage.

I am constantly searching for ways to help me create the habits that will benefit me on my journey. I struggle sometimes to do the things that are in my best interest. Rewards and Consequences are my 11th value because I must first understand myself, my environment, and my triggers in order to create habits that are most beneficial to a balanced life to achieve my goals.